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Outdoor Adventures Build Family Communication and Improve Trust

Apr 22, 2015

Aside from getting exercise, enjoying the fresh air, and working through challenging activities, outdoor adventures like river rafting, gem mining, horseback riding, and fishing can have profound effects on family communication. Working together as a team also establishes trust and fellowship among family members. Whether you’re seeking to improve family relationships, or strengthen communication and trust, a trip to North Carolina may be what your family needs.

 Work as a team as you and your family take a thrilling and challenging tour down the whitewater of the most popular river in the southeast. A Nantahala River Rafting trip puts you in the middle of the scenic NantahalaNational Forest and the Great Smoky Mountains. All experience levels are welcome from March until November, with guided and unguided tours available. This is a great way to forge communication in an exciting, fast-paced environment. Build trust as you safely navigate your family through the rapids and capture this memory for years to come with professional photos taken by Carolina Outfitters.

 After you and your family conquer the whitewater, check out the Nantahala River Gem Mine. North Carolina is known the world over for beautiful rubies and sapphires. Your family will love learning about the history of gem mining in this area, as well as getting your hands dirty while prospecting for your own gems! Enjoy the mountains and warm air as you carefully sift through the soil. Take your haul over to one of the on-site operators for a free inspection and evaluation. You can even place a cut stone order based on your finds at the mine.  You may have your stones polished and cut in any of the traditional shapes of your choice. In a few weeks, your gem will arrive at your door beautifully finished and ready to be placed in a new family heirloom.

 Horseback riding and fishing are wonderful outdoor activities that encourage healthy conversation while enjoying nature. You can spend hours on the horseback riding trails in the scenic NantahalaNational Forest.   Fly fishing is a relaxing way to spend a day with family. The streams of The Great Smoky Mountains have a wide variety of fish species and are perfect for every skill level. Don’t miss your chance to learn from experienced guides about the wonderful world of fly fishing in North Carolina.

 Building family communication is at the heart of every great outdoor adventure. Plan your next family vacation with that in mind and consider North Carolina your destination. 

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