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The Benefits of Horseback Riding for Kids

Apr 08, 2015

There’s no denying the magnetic quality that exists between children and horses. Children are impressed by a horse’s power and grace, and awestricken at the chance to ride one. Aside from fulfilling childhood fantasies, horseback riding has several unexpected benefits for kids.

 Parents are always on the lookout for healthy outdoor activities to get kids outside and away from their video games. Horseback riding in an excellent source of exercise — strengthening both balance and coordination while in the saddle.

 Horseback riding is also a wonderful opportunity to teach children about nature and respect for animals. Building this bond at an early age provides great mental health benefits, as well as an everlasting appreciation for the environment.

 Aside from all the great exercise and fresh air, horseback riding is a wonderful way to build confidence. Learning to coordinate and control an animal that could easily overpower an adult is something children will be proud of. Learning to ride is no small feat and takes courage and patience from new riders. The benefit of horseback riding for kids is well worth the effort and can leave a lifelong impression.

 Horseback riding is also a social opportunity for children to interact with each other in a safe and encouraging environment. Many times, trail excursions or courses are done in groups and at similar skill levels. What’s more, the joy and recreational benefits of making friends at a stable will encourage children to spend more time participating in similar activities and less time getting in trouble.

 Finally, horseback riding teaches many lessons of responsibility. Horses require a bounty of attention, from medical care to physical conditioning—learning about these needs and teaching children to be responsible for them will provide kids with a sense of purpose they won’t get from other outdoor sports.

 The most important benefit of horseback riding is the fun and friendship of bonding with a horse. Children will naturally take to horseback riding if given the opportunity and will enjoy all of the benefits listed above.

 However, horses are still large animals that could accidentally cause injury. Before you let your child climb into the saddle, learn more about safety techniques and procedures to keep your child safe. Children should always wear a helmet while horseback riding, and be accompanied by an adult.

 Whether riding a trail or circling the arena, horseback riding is a great activity for children of all ages and can lead to great benefit in their lives. 

Category: Outdoor Adventures