Nantahala Rafting Prices

Rafting Prices

Book online now at our current discount special and SAVE UP TO $10.00 per person on Nantahala Rafting Trips!





Guide Assisted


Nantahala Raft Trips







1-15 people







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60+ people

Please call NOW 828-488-6345 for BEST RATES GUARANTEED at Carolina Outfitters! We will make sure you get the best price with us!

Nantahala Funyak Trips



Single Ducky


$25.99 per boat

Double Ducky


$22.99 per person


You must make your RESERVATION ONLINE in order to get our current Internet discount special, and our BEST RATE GUARANTEED for Nantahala River rafting!  These rates are designed to be a reward discount for loyal, returning customers using our website for reservations.

Rates are $3.00 higher on Saturdays and holidays. 

Discounted group rates shown for 12+ guests requires ONLINE BOOKING and a pre-paid 7 day advance reservation.  

All prices are plus 9.5%. All equipment provided, including class 5 life jackets, paddles, boats (all rafts are modern self bailers too!), and transportation to and from the river from the raft outpost building.

Carolina Outfiftters offers a second trip (non-guided) down the river on the same day for ½ price! This offer does not apply on "cap Saturdays" from mid July through August.

Annual Nantahala Memorial Day Special for all Military and Veterans:
In honor of our Veterans, and in appreciation of their military service, Carolina Outfitters invites veterans and active duty military personnel to raft free on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Monday of Memorial Day Weekend in May! (Must have military ID or proof of service) Carolina Outfitters Rafting offers this special every year to all branches of our Military Personnel, and to all of our Veterans. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!

Firefighter Appreciation Special:  In appreciation of all firefighters, and in special thanks to the wonderful firefighters from all over the United States, who through their courage, and through their special knowledge and skills, were able to control and contain the Nantahala Gorge Wildfires of 2016, Carolina Outfitters is offering FREE rafting to all firefighters on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday of the last weekend in April.  Thank you, for the amazing job that you did in protecting lives, homes, and business structures, and for protecting the beautiful scenic Nantahala Gorge during the Wildfires of 2016. (Must have firefighter ID)

Nantahala Paddle and Pan: Add the popular gemstone mining adventure in the Nantahala Gorge to your whitewater rafting adventure for $45.00. Participants are finding a treasure trove of precious gems including rubies, emeralds, sapphires, topaz, citrine, red garnets, amethysts and more. Cut stone orders (ready to be placed into fine jewelry) can be placed at the mine, based on your finds. An investment in gemstones is an investment you can enjoy!

Nantahala Paddle and Saddle: Add a popular two hour horseback riding trip into the scenic back-country of the Nantahala National Forest for only $32.99 per person, per hour. Enjoy the peace and tranquility of the forest, admire the spectacular scenic vistas, observe the beautiful wildflowers and the native wildlife of the Great Smoky Mountains.

Nantahala and Ocoee: Paddle Two Rivers in Two Days: Add Ocoee River rafting to your Nantahala River rafting package for only $38.00 per person and enjoy rafting on class 3 and 4 whitewater in the Ocoee River Gorge of the Cherokee National Forest. The Ocoee Outpost is only about an hour west of our Nantahala River Outpost building, and offers the next step up in whitewater adventure.

Nantahala Paddle & Zip Line: Add the popular Nantahala Zip Line Canopy Tour to your whitewater rafting adventure for $85.99 person. This trip is the largest and best zip line in the area.  It is approximately a half day in duration and includes an amazing thirteen (13) zip lines, and 8 sky bridges! The trip is fully guided by the ‘Sky Rangers’ and is sure to be a thrilling adventure.

Nantahala Paddle and Paddle Again: For a full day of adventure fun rafting on the Nantahala, add a second trip self-guided for half price! You can return to the rafting outpost for lunch (bring your own lunch) and then catch the next bus out for a return rafting trip the same day. (Offer not available on limited use Saturdays)

Children must weigh at least 60 lbs., or be at least 7 years of age (just one or the other, not both) to go on the Nantahala River Rafting Trip.

Nantahala River Special Rafting Trips:

Nantahala 'High Water Day' Rafting:  On days in September when extra water is released through the Upper Nantahala River we are offering our 'High Water Day' rafting on the Nantahala!  This is a combo trip of 2 runs on the river with lunch included for $89.99 per person.  (minimum age for children is 12 for the two high water days)  Duke Energy is releasing water in the Upper Nantahala for two days in this month, and we will take advantage of the extra water as it travels the 8 1/2 mile stretch of the Nantahala River from the Beecher Town Power Plant to Fontana Lake! This trip is available only at Carolina Outfitters Rafting.  Don't miss your opportunity to enjoy this great adventure as we near the end of the season!

Nantahala Group Rafting Information

Please note that when taking the group discounts one person must be designated as the group leader and:

  1. Collect the money for the entire group

  2. Get each person in the group to sign the liability release waiver

  3. Call in any adjustments to the group size

  4. Present the money & waivers to Carolina Outfitters

The following group leader information is available for downloading and is designed to make your organizing job easy. It includes:

  1. Download Nantahala Group Sign-up Sheets

  2. Download Nantahala Liability Release Waivers